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Dory A. Rodriguez, CFP®

Dory A. Rodriguez, CFP®

Wealth Advisor

Dory Rodriguez’s passion for helping others succeed financially comes from deeply personal experiences. As a child, her grandmother encouraged her to have good savings habits. She had seen her husband off to WWII with the U.S. Navy and saved each check he sent home, accumulating enough to buy them their first home. While other wives were buying fancy clothes and pantyhose, Dory’s grandmother was saving for her family’s future.

Later on, at a family member’s recommendation, she invested a significant amount of money in a single investment. Four years later, the investment was devalued and she learned how important making intentional and thoughtful investment decisions are.

Early in her first career, Dory worked in Moscow, Russia, under the Soviet Union and later when the country became a democracy. Here, she learned what it was like to live under oppression with few opportunities. After returning to the U.S. in 1999, she felt deep gratitude and appreciation for her country and was inspired by the belief that our country allowed her the freedom to do, build, and create anything she wanted.

With these experiences in mind, Dory began to think about how she could empower others to make good financial decisions by helping them understand their finances and their options. With that, she began building her financial practice with nothing but inspiration and personal drive. She had married and had three young children during this time when her husband came to her with his decision to go to medical school. She looks back on these challenging years, knowing that they would not have been successful if they did not plan and work towards a shared vision.

These days, Dory leads a highly impactful and professional financial practice. Her husband is a doctor of family medicine. They have a busy home with rapidly growing children knee-deep in sports, dance, and music.

In life, Dory knows that sometimes the best lessons come from the hardest places. Sometimes they come from the wisdom of the experience of others. However, when they come, we can benefit best by pausing and taking a breath to see where these experiences lead through thoughtful and intentional decision-making. These days, using the wisdom of her own experiences, Dory prides herself on being the kind of financial advisor she wishes she had back then.

Dory is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ® professional.